What is the Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association?

Former and current members of the camp staff of Fire Mountain Scout Reservation formed the Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association in 2001. The purpose of the Association (FMSAA) is to promote Fire Mountain Scout Camp, and to preserve its history and traditions. The Association is a great way to stay in contact with old camp staff buddies, stay up-to-date with the happenings of camp, and continue to support the camp that has played a part of the character development of thousands of young people of the Pacific Northwest for four decades.

How can I join?

Membership in the Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association is open to anyone who has ever served as a full-time camp staff member at Fire Mountain. Membership is also granted to individuals who have served as Volunteer Staff, Cub Staff, and SIT/CIT Volunteers. For more information on membership standards please read the Charter Membership dues can now be payed online with Paypal - you do not need to join Paypal and you can pay with any major credit card or your bank account securely. All donations are tax deductable. Join or donate here today.

Who's on the board?

Board members are nominated from any member in good standing beginning the third Monday of December and concluding the third Monday of February each year. Elections are held by mail between the third Monday of January and the third Monday of February each year. See who's on the board and meeting minutes here.

What has the Alumni Association done so far?

  • Annual Activities
    • College Scholarships
    • Provides a staff gift and engraved name tags
    • Provides supplemental funding for staff jackets
    • Several camp staff events during the summer such as pie night and alumni day in camp
    • Fund and manage the staff Uniform Bank to help reduce the financial burden of uniform purchases by staff
    • Social events throughout the year such as the annual Christmas Party
  • 2011
    • Provided a $5000 grant to the Mount Baker Council 'Great Campsite Facelift' project
  • 2010
    • Built Salishan Lodge loft storage shelving
    • Built camp entryway sign
    • Provided funds to purchase additional equipment for the metalworking program
  • 2009
    • Provided funds for the Nooksack campsite completion
    • Fixing, sealing and painting staff cabin walls and floors
    • Started providing funds for green staff jackets
    • Provided funding and equipment for the Mountain Biking program
    • Started the first Fire Mountain Facebook page
    • Created the FMSAA Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2008
    • Staff Bunkhouse bathroom repairs and painting
    • Staff area campfire benches built
    • Established the camp staff uniform bank
  • 2007
    • Donated basketball hoop and air hockey table to staff area bunkhouse
    • Provided Fire Mountain welcome mat for the Dining Hall
  • 2006
    • Started hosting staff Pie Night during the summer
    • Started hosting the end-of-the-summer waterski party and BBQ
    • Started the FMSAA Scholarships
  • 2003
    • Held the first FMSAA Merit Badge Extravaganza, the first event of its kind staffed by camp alumni and other volunteers
    • Provided funding and manpower to complete the Little Beaver update which served as the model for the other campsite redesigns
    • Established the 'Lifetime Membership'
    • Completed the application for IRS 501(c)3 status
    • Started the 'Keepers of the Totem' program
  • 2002
    • Provided funding for the building of adirondacks in Little Beaver
    • Started the Fire Mountain Museum which contains photos, stories and artifacts from the history of the camp
    • Started the Fire Mountain historical trail
  • 2001
    • Raised funds to provide camp with Frost-Free Yard Hydrants for all campsites and outdoor areas around camp
    • Held the first Staff Reunion at Fire Mountain
    • Built and launched the first ever Fire Mountain Camp website