2014 Extravaganza - March 8 & April 26, 2014

Be sure to read the Merit Badge Extravaganza FAQ if you have any questions.

Registration is now closed for the Extravaganza. To view existing registration or to delete a Scout - Click here. Do not attempt to change a Scout's registration, you will not be able to add anyone to any class in the system. We are preparing materials now for the instructors with your Scout's names on them. Please note that if a registered scout is not able to attend the extravaganza as planned, another scout MAY NOT take his place in a class - no substitutions, no exceptions.

2014 Class List

All two or four session merit badges will require additional work between the two weekends of the Merit Badge Extravaganza.

Extravaganza event and material fees are payable thru PayPal on the registration page, they will accept credit cards or personal bank accounts for secure and fast payments.

  • Archery - 4 session (Additional $4 materials fee)
  • Basketry - 1 session (Additional $10 materials fee)
  • Chess - 4 session (Additional $5 materials fee)
  • Environmental Science - 2 sessions
  • Fire Safety - 2 sessions
  • First Aid - 2 sessions
  • Forestry - 2 sessions *NEW*
  • Geology - 2 sessions
  • Leatherwork - 1 session (Additional $4 materials fee)
  • Radio - 2 sessions
  • Rifle Shooting - 4 sessions (Additional $10 materials fee)
  • Space Exploration - 2 sessions (Additional $12 materials fee)
  • Surveying - 2 sessions *NEW*
  • Woodcarving - 1 session (Additional $4 materials fee)

2014 Fees

  • $11 per Scout
  • Some badges have additional materials fees - check the list

Lunch Options

The Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association will be offering lunch in the dinning hall for $5 (of course you can bring your own lunch).


Send an e-mail to us at mbext(at)firemtn.org. Remove (at) and replace with @.

No information is available by telephone or through the Mount Baker Council office. Please be patient, we are an all volunteer committee involved with many other Scouting and community projects.