Fire Mountain Scout Camp

Summer Camp Staff

Looking for a great way to spend your summer? Looking for fun adventure at Fire Mountain? Looking for a great opportunity to make new friends that will last a lifetime while making a difference in the lives of young people of our community? Join the Fire Mountain Family by applying to work at Fire Mountain Scout Camp this summer!

For applications and the most up to date information on summer camp staff visit the Mount Baker Council Camp Staff page.

Staff in Training (SIT) Program

If you are 14 years old (or will be July 1), you are eligible to become a Staff in Training (SIT) at Fire Mountain. As a SIT, you will learn the skills necessary to become a great staff member and a great citizen. You will be taught under the wings of some of the greatest instructors available, as you work side by side with veteran staff. You will attend Staff Development Week, and work 2-3 weeks during Scouts BSA Camp, you will also have the opportunity to work during Cub Scout Resident Camp.

Youth Staff

Are you ages 15-17? Fill out a youth staff application to begin your summer of fun and adventure. Most staff are required to complete one summer as a SIT prior to becoming a regular staff member.

Adult Staff

Over one-half of Fire Mountain's staff are eighteen or older. Our staff is comprised of many dedicated young adults (some have been young for a long time) who are dedicated to helping mold and shape the youth of our communities. We do not offer the greatest monetary rewards, but the benefits will affect your life forever. Many positions are still available, you must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, we can help you get registered if you are interested. Undertake a meaningful challenge that will change your life and the lives of many Scouts this summer. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Returning Staff

All past staff members should consider becoming part of the Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association. If you have worked as a Staffer, Volunteer Commissioner, or Staff (Counselor) in Training, visit the Alumni page.

Seasonal Camp Staff

Are you interested in staffing at Fire Mountain but can't commit to an entire summer? Do you want to share your love of Scouting and the outdoors just a few weekends a year? Check out the Seasonal Camp Staff program which supports our year-round weekend programs at Fire Mountain.

For applications and the most up to date information on seasonal camp staff visit the Mount Baker Council Camp Staff page.

Why Should My Child Work at Fire Mountain?

Parents, with all the demands on our children's time, why should you encourage your child to be a summer camp staff member. There are so many drawbacks to being on camp staff:

  1. It takes up a large part of their summer vacation.
  2. Scout Uniforms are expensive (the Staff Alumni Association has a Uniform Exchange bank that will help some staff avoid some of this expense).
  3. It takes them out of the house for the better part of the summer.
  4. There is very little monetary compensation, especially when you consider the looming college tuition and other large expenditures.
  5. They are expected to work hard and give their whole self in the service of others.
  6. It interferes with family vacations, band trips, and free time to hang out with their buddies on the beach.

With all these drawbacks, it is hard to imagine why you should even allow, let alone encourage your child to work at camp. Let us consider the positive side.

So how much would you pay for a program that provided such great opportunities for your child? How much would you pay a group to feed and house your hungry Scout? Young people have a great desire to feel independent of their families, here is a place that they can feel independent and still be under the watchful eye of caring people. This experience is relatively cost free to you. Working in a fast food, retail or construction job this summer may offer your Scout some of these experiences, but not nearly the experience that working at Fire Mountain will provide. What parent could pass up this opportunity? Encourage your Scout today to apply to work at Scouts BSA Summer Camp - It will be a sacrifice of some of their desires for the summer, but it will be an experience that they will never forget.