Camp Host Program

"Camp Host" replaces the old, inaccurate "Camp Master" title.

Ever want to spend a weekend at Black Mountain in the winter with your family? Or maybe a fun fall weekend at Fire Mountain? Then maybe being a Camp Host is the answer.

The Camp Host Team is a group of trained and registered volunteers (21 years or older) who serve the council at Camp Fire Mountain or Camp Black Mountain as Camp Hosts. These volunteers are an essential part of a year-round program and assist Council Staff by checking units in and out, answering questions, providing leadership in emergencies, and enforcing camp rules and procedures.

All Camp Hosts must have a record of demonstrated ability to get along with people, to lead, and to act in an emergency. All Camp Hosts must have a working knowledge of Scouting. Experienced and registered Scouters, with the exception of unit leaders, are eligible for consideration as Camp Hosts. (It is generally conceded that a unit leader's major concern must be the particular unit served.)

Camp Hosts select their own time and frequency of service, but usually serve two to four times a year. A normal "tour of duty" is Friday night until mid-day Sunday. While at camp, Camp Hosts stay in climate controlled facilities with bathrooms and kitchenettes so many volunteers bring along their spouses or families for a weekend retreat.

If you are interested in becoming a Camp Host please contact Jackie Libby - scouterjackie at or (425) 290-8158.