Fire Mountain Climbing Wall

Is your Scout Troop looking for some weekend fun and excitement this spring? Are you ready to ascent the towering slope of the Fire Mountain Climbing Tower? This may be the challenge your unit is looking for! Climbing is a fun and exciting experience that challenges the mind, body, and spirit of any Scout looking for adventure. The climbing tower is available many weekends at a reasonable cost to Scout Troops, Venture Crews, and Varsity Teams in the Mt. Baker Council. To schedule use of the tower contact the Mount Baker Council online or call the council office at 425-338-0380.

With many thanks to Ted Rumsey, and dozens of other volunteer laborers, donors, and vendors, the Fire Mountain Climbing was completed and on July 18, 2001 the first Scout climber ascended the rock face of the tower. Pictured here is that first Scout climber.