Have an old Scout Uniform in your Closet?

Put your old uniform to good use! The Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association has begun a uniform bank for Fire Mountain camp staff members. Each new staff member needs two complete uniforms at a total cost of over $200! The FMSAA is attempting to help a few camp staff members get outfitted for their summer camp experience and you can help.

For more information or to donate a uniform somewhere other than the Extravaganza e-mail Dave Henrichsen. Your uniform donation may be tax-deductible as the FMSAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Uniform Bank Request Form

For Fire Mountain Camp Staff Only The Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association has received many donated uniform parts and has purchased about $450 worth of discounted uniform parts for loan to 20 Camp Staff Members.

Uniform parts are loaned to staff members with the understanding that they will exercise reasonable care, and return the uniforms laundered and in good condition at the end of the summer camp season.

Uniform parts are generally distributed on a first-come first serve basis, however a few uniform parts are held in reserve for late-hired non-Scouting affiliated staff members. The FMSAA has final decision as to whether to loan a uniform to a staff member.

You must have signed and submitted your employment paperwork prior to requesting uniforms. All requesters will be cleared with Fire Mountain Camp Management.

Please copy and paste the following information into an e-mail to uniforms@firemtn.org

Fire Mountain Staff Alumni Association Uniform Bank Request

Staff position:
# years on staff:

Uniform parts you currently own (indicate the number you have that fit you)
Uniform Shirt #
Scout Shorts #
Scout Long Pants #

Uniform parts you are requesting to borrow from the FMSAA Uniform Bank
(indicate the quantity of each item you wish)

Uniform shirt: #

Uniform shorts/long pants: #

Class B t-shirts/polos: #

Shirt Size (list only those sizes that will fit you):     Y-L      Y-XL       S       M       L       XL       XXL

Waist Size (list only those sizes that will fit you):       28       29      30       31       32       34     36       38

For fastest service copy and paste this info into an e-mail to uniforms@firemtn.org

If e-mail is not an option, you can download the print form(this will take significantly longer than the e-mail route) Word Version PDF Version No telephone requests will only be honored from individual staff members.