Fire Mountain Scout Camp

Camp Tyree 1916 - 1920

By Howard Bargreen, Troop 10

We went up to Tyree on the Monte Cristo Lone. Which was on the Buchanan Farm. We had a very nice camp there; good swimming, a nice cookhouse and a good sized tent. Mr. Kelly lined it up and put Mr. I.P. Hewett in charge. Mr. Kelly was there part of the time because he was our Executive. Later I.P. became out Executive. There was a big tent for medical and a tent for each patrol. We built our frames and bunks. It worked out real well.

Every morning we'd have reveille, do a little exercise, have a talk and then have breakfast. We'd do whatever they had lined up for us, hiking or scouting skills but mainly swimming. Seems to me there were about 80 boys in camp. One of the highlights was the bus, which came every day on the railroad tracks bringing mail and supplies.

Camp Tyree the fire camp, was used for three or four years.