Fire Mountain Scout Camp

Railroad Trestle

Day Lumber Company

At this location once stood a logging railroad trestle over the creek. The railroad grade was constructed during the early 1900s by the Day Lumber Company of Big Lake, Washington. This section of Day’s logging railroad system extended from about the present Walker Valley Road down the current camp road north towards Nookachamps Creek. It was certainly in use in 1916-1917, when Day’s logging activities were centered in Walker Valley. By 1922 this railroad may no longer have been in use, indicating that available timber was probably exhausted in the vicinity by that time. This railroad was possibly later used by the Nelson-Neal Lumber Company of Montborne, which constructed a railroad along the current Walker Valley Road to log the slopes of Cultus Mountain during the early 1920s. After 1935 a truck road was built from Montborne to Cultus Mountain, after which these railroads were abandoned.